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Latest Divine Mercy Reflections:

  • Reflection 52: Daily Prayer

    What is it that makes your soul beautiful?  Prayer.  What is it that keeps you from sin?  Prayer.  What is it that fills you with hope?  Prayer.  What is it that leads you on the road to holiness?  Prayer.  Prayer is the key to all things.  Without prayer, each and every day...

  • Reflection 51: Pure Love

    Do you love with a pure love?  What does this form of love look like?  Pure love is one that flows directly from the Heart of Christ to and through your life.  This holy love has beautiful characteristics.  First, it is plentiful.  When we love with the Heart of Christ we love in abundance.  There...

  • Reflection 50: Hearing the Voice of God

    It’s true that, throughout your day, God is speaking to you.  He is constantly communicating His truth and His direction for your life, and He is constantly bestowing His Mercy.  The problem is that His voice is ever so gentle and silent.  Why?  Because He wants all of your attention.  He...

  • Reflection 49: Being Misunderstood

    We are called to be saints.  And if we walk down that road, we will be called to live heroic virtue.  Heroic virtue will not always be understood by others.  In fact, in the opinion of worldly wisdom, heroic and holy virtue is foolishness.  But we must not allow the...

  • Reflection 48: Silence

    Our tongue can build others up, or cut them down.  Our tongue also has a direct effect upon our own soul.  When the tongue speaks words inspired by God, we grow in holiness.  When the tongue speaks words not from God, we do great damage to our souls and others.  The...

  • Reflection 47: Recognizing the Needs of Others

    Often times we can be so preoccupied with ourselves and our own problems that we fail to see the struggles and needs of those around us, especially those of our own family.  At times...

  • Reflection 46: Daily Duties are the Path to Heaven

    It is true that our goal must be Heaven.  We must constantly keep our eyes on this eternal reality.  Why?  Because in comparison to this passing world, Heaven is all that ultimately matters.  So how do we keep our focus on Heaven without becoming complacent with...

  • Reflection 45: Holy Communion

    Sometimes we do not feel like going to Mass or may be deeply distracted as we approach the Blessed Sacrament.  Perhaps one of the best things to do in this case is to live in holy obedience.  Jesus wants you to receive Holy Communion every Sunday and every holy day...

  • Reflection 44: The Lord’s Gaze Casts Out Fear

    Do you know that our Lord gazes upon you, night and day, with perfect love and affection.  Do you know that He knows every detail of your life and walks with you through everything?  This may be hard to believe because we cannot hear Him audibly, see Him with our eyes, or...

  • Reflection 43: Patience in Hardship

    What is of greater value to God?  To be successful in all that you set out to do, or to endure every hardship of life in patience and peace?  Many may struggle with this question and want to choose both.  Certainly it is easy to see that if we set out to accomplish the Will of God and...

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