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Daily Reflections for Ordinary Time:
Weeks 1-17

Daily Reflections for Ordinary Time: Weeks 1–17 from the Catholic Daily Reflections Series is a daily devotional offering reflections on the Gospel of the day in a practical, faithful and down-to-earth way.  The eBook and paperback versions are formatted in such a way that this book can be used year after year. Reflections are not specifically dated for Ordinary Time 2022 but cover every option for this and future liturgical years, making it a devotional that can be used from year to year.

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The Sin Against the Holy Spirit - January 24, 2022 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Monday of the Third Week in Ordinary Time - Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop and Doctor—Memorial
The Gift of Sacred Scripture - January 23, 2022 – Daily Gospel Reflection for the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C
Is Jesus “Out of His Mind?” - January 22, 2022 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Saturday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time - Saint Vincent, Deacon and Martyr—Optional Memorial (Celebrated January 23 in the USA) - Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children—USA Memorial
Being Called Up the Mountain with Jesus - January 21, 2022 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Friday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time - Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr—Memorial
Trusting in the Authority of the Church - January 20, 2022 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Thursday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time - Saint Fabian, Pope and Martyr—Optional Memorial - Saint Sebastian, Martyr—Optional Memorial
Freedom From the Confusion of Sin - January 19, 2022 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Wednesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time
The Lord’s Day is For You! - January 18, 2022 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Tuesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time
Making All Things New - January 17, 2022 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Monday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time - Saint Anthony of Egypt, Abbot—Memorial
Words of Wisdom From our Blessed Mother - Sunday, January 16, 2021 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C
With Whom Do You Associate?  - January 15, 2022 – Daily Gospel Reflection for Saturday of the First Week in Ordinary Time

Latest Divine Mercy Reflections:

  • Reflection 24: The Purification of Your Soul

    The greatest suffering we can endure is a spiritual longing for God.  Those in Purgatory suffer greatly because they long for God and do not yet fully possess Him.  We must enter into the same purification here and now.  We must let ourselves long for God.  We...

  • Reflection 23: When God Seems Silent

    Video At times, when we seek to know our merciful Lord all the more, He will appear to be silent.  Perhaps sin has gotten in the way or perhaps you have allowed your

  • Reflection 22: Abundant Mercy Stretching Your Soul

    Encountering Jesus in your soul will have the effect of leading you to long for more.  Do you long for more of Jesus?  Do you long for His Mercy?  The desire for Him, the desire for more, stretches us and enables us to receive more of His Mercy every day.  Let the desire for...

  • Reflection 21: You Are Loved.  Believe it.

    Being accepted by Christ and living within His merciful Heart will lead you to discover how much He loves you.  He does love you more than you can imagine.  Let yourself begin to discover that love.  Savor it, believe it, understand it and seek it all the more...

  • Reflection 20: Give Your Life to Jesus Every Day

    Once Jesus has accepted you and taken possession of your soul, do not worry about what is next.  Do not expect life to change dramatically right away, but do not be surprised if it does.  All that matters is that you daily renew the gift of yourself to His...

  • Reflection 19: The Lord Accepts You in His Mercy

    If you have truly sought out our Divine Lord, then ask Him if He will accept you into His Heart and into His holy Will.  Ask Him and listen to Him.  If you have surrendered all and offered yourself to Him, He will respond to you telling you that He accepts you.  Once...

  • Reflection 18: Mercy Given Through Priests

    Mercy is given in numerous ways. Among the many channels of Mercy, seek it through God’s holy priests. Let His priest listen to you, speak to you and direct you. Priests are weak and are sinners. But in their weakness they are given a special grace to direct souls. The...

  • Reflection 17: Turn to Our Blessed Mother in Prayer 

    Turn to our Blessed Mother in confident prayer.  She holds you close to her Immaculate Heart and will direct you to her Son, Jesus.  She is the perfect Mother, the Mother of All Grace.  Trust in Her maternal care and intercession.  She knows how to unlock the graces...

  • Reflection 16: Total Abandonment to God

    Fall down before God. Prostrate yourself before Him. If you can, do it literally. If it would be a distraction to others then do it interiorly. Fall down prostrate before God and beg Him to show you His Divine Mercy and His most holy Will.  There are many times...

  • Reflection 15: God is Relentless in His Love

    Do you put God off? Do you ignore His constant calling? Do you drown out His voice with countless distractions? Know that God never ceases to call you. Listen to Him. Sometimes we put God off because we have judged, wrongly, that we will find satisfaction in life by some other...

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