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Latest Divine Mercy Reflections:

  • Reflection 37: Humility, Simplicity and Sincerity

    There are three words to ponder today: humility, simplicity and sincerity.  Humble souls see and know God because they do not turn to themselves in their need.  They recognize that God is everything and, without Him, they are nothing.  Simple souls do not get caught up...

  • Reflection 36: The Mercy of Spiritual Friendship

    At times we experience life as difficult.  Our spiritual life may appear to be dry or overwhelming.  Our sins may seem to be too much to overcome.  And our relationship with God may appear to be too difficult to foster.  But these experiences are all graces that...

  • Reflection 35: Perceiving the Passion of the Lord

    Do you understand the Passion of our Lord?  Do you perceive His sufferings in your soul?  This may, at first, seem undesirable.  But perceiving the sufferings and Passion of our Lord is a great grace.  As we perceive His suffering we must then encounter it and embrace it as our own.  We...

  • Reflection 34: Satisfaction Only in God

    So often in life we can fall into the trap of believing that we are satisfied by worldly and passing things.  We can even be fooled into thinking that our sins satisfy us.  And, in a strange way, they do offer a temporary satisfaction of sorts. But this “satisfaction” is...

  • Reflection 33: The Mercy of Purification

    Imagine if you could see your soul as God sees it.  What would you see?  How might God see your soul?  Certainly He sees His precious child and looks at you with the greatest of love.  But He also sees your sin, even the slightest sin.  These sins, even the smallest imperfection...

  • Reflection 32: The Mercy of Forgiveness

    Throughout life you will be hurt by the sins of others.  This is inevitable.  The real question to ponder is what you do with this hurt.  Will you hold onto it and brew over it?  Or will you forgive?  But forgiveness is not enough.  You must let the Divine Mercy so enter your soul...

  • Reflection 31: The Unfathomable Nature of God

    We cannot come to know God in His essence.  He is beyond us and is unfathomable.  But we can get to know God by seeing His actions in our lives and in the world.  Look at His attributes.  Look at His works.  Look at what He has done in your life and in...

  • Reflection 30: Obedience to God

    One key to holiness is obedience.  Adam and Eve fell from grace by disobedience and we are restored to grace by obedience.  Obedience can be hard and requires a deep interior decision.  Look for opportunities to be obedient to Jesus, especially when you...

  • Reflection 29: Moments of Consolation

    Just at the right time, if we are wholeheartedly seeking God every day, we will find that we receive a moment of consolation.  It may be an unexpected peace or joy, we may feel enlightened and encouraged, or we may just sense the presence of God in our...

  • Reflection 28: Temptations to Complain

    At times we are tempted to complain.  When tempted to question God and His perfect love and perfect plan, know that this temptation is nothing more than that…

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