Making a Difference

June 7, 2022
Tuesday of the Tenth Week in Ordinary Time
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“You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.”  Matthew 5:13a&14a

Salt and light, that’s us.  Hopefully!  Have you ever pondered what it means to be salt or light in this world? 

Let’s start with this image.  Imagine you cook some wonderful vegetable soup with all the best ingredients.  It slowly simmers for hours and the broth looks very tasty.  But the one thing you are out of is salt and other spices.  So, you just let the soup simmer and hope for the best.  Once it’s fully cooked you try a taste and, to your disappointment, it’s somewhat tasteless.  So, you search until you find the missing ingredient, salt, and you add just the right amount.  After another half hour of simmering you try a sample and are greatly delighted.   It’s amazing what salt can do!  

Or imagine going for a walk in the forest and getting lost.  As you search for your way out, the sun sets and it slowly becomes dark.  It’s overcast so there are no stars or moon.  About a half hour after sunset you find yourself in complete darkness in the middle of the forest.  As you sit there, you suddenly see the bright moon peek through the clouds.  It’s a full moon and the overcast skies are clearing up.  Suddenly, the full moon sheds so much light your way that you are able to once again navigate the dark forest.

These two images provide us with the importance of just a little salt and a little light.  Just a little changes everything!  

So it is with us in our faith.  The world we live in is dark in so many ways.  The “flavor” of love and mercy is also quite void.  God is calling you to add that little flavor and produce that little light so that others can find their way.  

Like the moon, you are not the source of light.  You only reflect the light.  God wants to shine through you and He wants you to reflect His light.  If you are open to this, He will move the clouds at the right time so as to use you in the way He has chosen.  Your responsibility is to simply be open.  

Reflect, today, upon how open you are.  Pray each day that God will use you in accord with His divine purpose.  Make yourself available to His divine grace and you will be amazed at the way He can use the small things in your life to make a difference.

Lord of light, I do want to be used by You.  I want to be salt and light.  I want to make a difference in this world.  I give myself to You and Your service.  Jesus, I trust in You.

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